Making Villanelle's Yellow Coat

When I saw the season 3 finale of Killing eve I was obsessed with Villanelle's coat. Villanelle's clothing throughout the entire series is drool-worthy and I would love any of it but this coat really called out to me. So I decided I had to make it!

I did some research and found it was a Loewe coat retailing at around $5000 - on sale for $3000 - not quite in my price range.

I decided it would be fun to film my process of taking a design that's already been made and recreating it. I am extremely happy with how this turned out. It's super stylish as well as cozy and warm, which is much needed in Melbourne at the moment.

In true Melbournian fashion I decided to go with a black wool rather than the yellow. Mainly because I would never wear a yellow coat, not a colour I love and definatley one that clashes with my pale skin tone.

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