Alexis Top & Sammi Pant

I am so excited with my new range of summer patterns - all available at vandenBerg Fashion. I didn't make a video to accompany these makes as I was making so many pieces at once (more photos of those to come on my Instagram soon)

Here I made up the Sammi Pant and Alexis Top, I used fabrics from The Fabric Store for both.

The top was made from a linen in this deep teal colour. I bought these fabrics online with the hope the top colour would match the leaves in the print. Although it's not a perfect match I think it still gives a great look. I used buttons from my Nanna's stash which I inherited, they are a beautiful gunmetal colour with intricate details. I altered the front facing shape so it would have the scalloped shape where the buttons sat, this gives it a bit more of a special feel than having a straight button facing. It was also a really easy alteration to make. I cut the piece as normal then marked with chalk the shape I wanted. I sewed along the desired shaped then cut away the excess fabric, as well as cutting into the curves and corners so they would turn out correctly. The pattern also suggest stitching along the facing which gives a top stitch detail, but because of the details around the buttons and how decorative the buttons themselves were I chose to only stitch down the hem and instead hand stitched down the facing at the shoulders. That way the facing will still stay inside the top but no stitches are visible.

The pants are made from a cotton print with a slight bit of stretch, the stretch isn't entirely necessary for this pattern as it is designed to be sewn with plain non-stretch wovens, however it does give it a more relaxed feel. I love that the print really elevates it, even though it is a relaxed feel, it still looks fresh and bright. The pants are a pattern I've been wanting to make for a while but took a bit of workshopping. I wanted something that sat flat along the front but was still pull on - without being stretch fabric. That's why these have elastic at the back! There are slight gathers at the back, but they aren't very noticable. The elastic means they can pull on with no zip, and it also means the waist is super flexible, if you want to have a massive lunch, are running around all day and need something comfy, or whatever your doing the waist will move with you. I added pockets in the side seams as I feel everything is better with pockets. I did have someone comment that they prefer cut-away pockets as side seam pockets make their hips bigger. You can also very easily adjust the pattern to do this style instead, I can even do a tutorial on how if you like? Just leave a comment to let me know.

Overall I am so happy with how these turned out and how these patterns have come together! I know that both of these will be patterns I use frequently, in fact I've already hacked the top into a cardigan - I'll be putting a little tutorial on how I did that up soon!

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